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Take control of your drinking habits through 5-minute attention training sessions.

Scientifically proven to reduce levels of alcohol consumption.

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It’s totally free and confidential.

Featured on the BBC One programme Lose Weight for Love

It works

Evidence shows that people experience a reduction in alcohol craving and consumption following training.

It’s easy

Attention Training consists of four 5-minute sessions. You can use your mobile, tablet or computer, and you don’t have to download or install anything.

It matters

By taking part, you’re helping the research community. Your data will be used to help develop and improve the tools used to deliver behaviour change interventions in the future.

How it works

Bias test
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4 days programme

Attention Training consists of simple, 5-minute training sessions, which you complete once a day for four days. The programme aims to make it less likely that you will be drawn towards alcohol.

The science behind cognitive bias modification

Much of what we do is driven by where we focus our attention. Focusing too much on one thing can sometimes have negative consequences. If your attention is always drawn towards alcohol, for example, you'll will find it difficult to limit your intake. This is known as a cognitive bias.
Cognitive biases can distort our thoughts and behaviour, sometimes leading to depression, addiction and other disorders.
Attention training aims to change these biases.
The result? It becomes easier for you to make positive changes that help you feel better overall.

Learn more about cognitive bias modification:

Mediation of cognitive bias modification for alcohol addiction via stimulus-specific alcohol avoidance association
Effects of cognitive bias modification training on neural signatures of alcohol approach tendencies in male alcohol-dependent patients
Paul Dolan Photo

About Paul Dolan

Attention Training has been developed with key insights from Paul Dolan. Paul Dolan is a Professor of Behavioural Science at London School of Economics and Political Science and author of best-selling book 'Happiness by Design'. Professor Paul Dolan is an internationally renowned expert on happiness, behaviour and public policy, with over 100 peer-reviewed publications. He’s worked with Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman at Princeton University, and regularly advises leading companies on behavioural science. He’s also worked for the UK Cabinet Office, and the Office for National Statistics.

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